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Rearth 0.15mm 9H ID Glass Invisible Defender SP for Note 5

RM 70.00 RM 99.00

Rearth 0.15mm HD Clarity 9H ID Glass Invisible Defender Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Rearth Invisible Defender ID Glass Screen Protectors provide the highest clarity for your HD Display while still delivery scratch resistant protection for your device. Designed with your HD Display in mind, you will not sacrifice any image quality. Invisible defender ID glass also offers our TouchTech Properties that will not interfere with the sensitivity of your touch screen display. It's a simple step to protect and prolong the life of your expensive gadgets and devices. Invisible Defender ID Glass gives you peace of mind from the everyday scratches.


  • 2.5D Curved Edge
  • The latest in screen protector technology, Ringke Invisible Defender Glass Screen Protector is now available
  • with 2.5D edges for a natural curve contouring perfectly to align device and screen protector for a smooth glide.
  • No more uncomfortable snags on fingers or impaired functionality!
  • Easy to Install
  • Super easy to install and easy to clean!
  • Absolutely no taint or "rainbow effect" for your phone!
  • Designed in USA. Made in Korea.

Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

What's Inside:

1. 0.15mm Invisible Defender ID Glass Screen Protector

2. Squeegee

3. Fiber Cloth

4. Dust Removal Sticker

5. Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

6. Installation Guide

Notice :

There will be a "halo" effect on the sides of Galaxy Note 5 due to the curve-designed of LCD screen.