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T-Max 2pcs UV Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 10 | 10 Plus

RM 129.00

T-Max Full UV Liquid Adhesive Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus (Clear)

T-Max Full Edge-to-Edge Adhesive Case Friendly Tempered Glass is a breakthrough technology full adhesive tempered glass. It acquires a portable UV machine to install. Full Adhesive Glue, eliminating the problems of screen sensitivity, rainbow effect, screen dot matrix and etc. Not mentioning it's case friendly design, will be able to fit in most of the cases on market including UAG, Spigen, Ringke etc. Introducing the T-Max at a much more affordable economical price, do also look at our specially custom video with the installation guide, sensitivity video and removal test!

Features :-

- Thickness 0.20mm Hybrid Glass (Stronger from cracking)

- Case Friendly

- Liquid UV Adhesive covering 100% Tempered Glass Coverage

- Perfect touch sensitivity with full adhesion

- Crystal clear without any color boarder

- T-Max liquid covers existing minor cracks & provides safety

- Zero Colored Edge, Zero Touch Errors, Zero Lifting

- Improved formulate UV Glue for easy removal