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X-One Drop Gurad 2.0+ case for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10 Plus

RM 69.00

X.One® DropGuard 2.0 + for Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10 Plus

DropGuard Features

  • *Upgraded with DNA Guard Technology. 50% improved shock absorption.

  • *Upgraded with Embedded “X-One” trademark. Use with confidence. The original maker of Dropguard Case.
  • Edge Guard. Over 70% of mobile devices screen cracks happens when it is dropped on the edges. That’s why we’ve designed Edge Guard technology to protect your precious device.
  • Protect and Reveal. Comprehensively protect your device and maintain it’s original beauty.
  • Impact Resistant. Signature air compartment structure designed to absorb and disperse impact.
  • Low profile. Our Edge Guard offers you drop protection from 3 meters and day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Premium Material. Premium TPU material imported from Germany.