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X-One Extreme/ FULL Shock Eliminator Screen Protector iPhone X

RM 79.00

X-One, Extreme Shock Eliminator Screen Protector (3rd Generation)

Compatible: Apple iPhone X (2017)

PACKAGE: Front Clear / Full Black /Full White

  • 3rd generation film has upgraded shock resistance capability.
  • Absorbs 5 x the shock impact of an original screen.
  • Industry's highest 5H+ surface hardness on PET material.
  • Effectively defend against scratches from daily usage.
  • The ultra-durable stretch resistance layer protects your screen.
  • Materials from Japan.


X-One, Extreme Shock Eliminator FULL Screen Protector (3rd Generation)

X.One® Extreme is going FULLSCREEN! iPhone X!

✓ 2.5D Fullscreen Coverage
✓ Unibody Design - no more separated pieces.
✓ 5X Shock absorption - Stronger screen.
✓ Uncrackable edges - unlike tempered glass.
✓ Made from polymer and silicon materials from Japan.
✓ Smooth Touch Experience



What's the difference between 2.5D vs 3D Fullscreen?

2.5D - a small gap is allocated around the perimeter of the screen protector to allow most cases to fit perfectly.
3D - no gap around the screen protector, most cases will interfere or flip up the screen protector.