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X.One Extreme Shock Eliminator Camera Protector (Dual) for Samsung S8 / S8 Plus

RM 19.00 RM 35.00

X-One Extreme Shock Eliminator Camera Protector (2 pcs) for SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 / S8 Plus

Perfect 360° combo protection with X One® Extreme Series screen protector

Each pack now comes with 2 pieces of Camera / lens protectors

Why choose X One Extreme Series Screen Protectors?

✓ Strengthen your screen up to 5X with Extreme Anti Shock Technology.
✓ Absorb and disperse impacts with Ultra-durable Nano silicon layer.
✓ Long-lasting usage as it will not break like tempered glass.
✓ Ultra HD Crystal Clear Clarity.
✓ Oleophobic Coating for smoother touch and easy cleaning.

✓ Compatible with Huawei GALAXY S8 / S8 Plus (Please choose according to phone model)

Yes, the long-awaited Camera Lens screen protector is here! X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator is now ready to protect all GALAXY S8 / S8 Plus Camera lens out there!

With X One® Extreme Shock Eliminator protecting your camera lens, you’re all ready to take ultra HD clarity pictures, as super clear ultra HD X One® Extreme Shock Eliminator lens protector will not affect light transparency at all. Go ahead taking pictures without any worries, as you have anti shock protection on your camera lens!