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X-One Stealth Armor Enhanced Screen Protector Samsung S9 / S9 Plus

RM 89.00

Stealth Armor


Full covarage + shock protection screen protector

Protect your device with Stealth Armor!

The film has an upgraded Shock Resistance capability that can absorb up to 2.5X the shock impact of an original screen.

The scratch resistance layer acts as a sacrificial protection barrier to protect your screen against scratches. It have the scratch self-repair ability, the tiny scratches can self-repair in a short time.

Multiple protective layers:

  1. Super-hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating
  2. Enhanced scratch proof layer
  3. Shock dispersive layer
  4. Stretch resistance layer
  5. Scratch resistance
  6. Breakthrough curved special adhesive-glue

X-One Stealth Armor is the FIRST curve screen protector that has:

  • Shock absorption - Strengthen screen up to 2.5X
  • Self-Healing on minor scratches.
  • Full curve screen coverage.
  • Oleophobic coating for Smooth Touch Experience.
  • Retain 100% Touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Case Friendly* - No more flipping.

1. Special adhesive layer is not re-usable, so it can't be re-apply.
2. Steady hand is required during the installation, if doubt on doing it yourself, kindly visit to the professional screen protector installer nearby your area.
4. Guide ( Manually withot X-One Alignment Tool ):
i. Adhesive Layer (Matte) face down, align the camera hole and bottom area before peeling off the LAYER 1 sticker.
ii. Peel off the layer 1 sticker SLOWLY to avoid accidently remove the Layer 2.
iii. Align the position from front camera hole, press down to adhesive on upper part, slide it (steady hand) by using provided slide card or your own credit card.
iv. Remove the bottom part for removing the front layer, and gently press the edge part for final step.